Reading Torch

1st National Conference & Awards

on 4th Sep' 2024

at India Habitat Centre

Welcome to "Reading Torch" Awards where we honour the Incredible Schools, Educators, Founders of Educational Establishments, fostering a lifelong love & culture of reading. Additionally, the awards recognize the commitment of  Corporations and Business Leaders who promote reading through their philanthropic work.

"The Reading Torch of India"

We Salute individuals who promote

"Reading for Pleasure"

  • Dr. Sudha Murthy
  • Dr.(Mrs) Shyama Chona
  • Dr. Grace Pinto
  • Dr. Swati Popat Vats
  • Ms. Lina Ashar
  • Dr. Abha Adams
  • Ms. Manjula Shroff
  • Ms. Anju  Pascal 
The influence of a Reading torch bearer can be profound and far reaching. By fostering Reading Culture, these leaders contribute significantly to children's well being and excellence in education by inculcating critical thinking, empathy and resilience  impacts\ing the society's intellectual and emotional landscape. 

Are you ready to be the "Reading Torch" Bearer?


Encouraging Children to nurture their imagination through books

We are delighted to initiate the "Reading School" programme, aimed at recognizing  schools that have made
outstanding  contribution in creating reading culture at school, in family and community.

As part of the 1st National Edu-Conference and Awards, we invite schools to nominate  themselves as a "Reading School" in the following categories:

Emerging Reading School
The Emerging Reading School Accreditation and Award is bestowed to recognize and support schools in establishing and maintaining a strong reading culture. This foundational work is crucial for fostering an environment where reading is valued, promoted, and enjoyed by all students.
Progressive Reading School
Progressive Reading School Award is bestowed to schools that takes the commitment to fostering a reading culture a step further by providing schools with the opportunity to broaden their learners' experiences. This level of accreditation is focused on creating enriching and diverse reading experiences through engaging with authors, visiting libraries, and bringing in outside expertise.
Proficient Reading School
Proficient Reading School Award is bestowed to schools that represents the pinnacle of commitment in fostering a reading culture. Schools achieving this level not only cultivate a vibrant reading environment within their own walls but also extend their enthusiasm and expertise to the wider community. This involves collaboration with other schools, intergenerational projects, partnerships with local businesses, and more.

5 Reasons to Enter for Awards

Being recognized as a "Reading School" is a prestigious honour that highlights your commitment to fostering a love for reading. It provides an opportunity to:

  • Showcase exceptional achievements and contributions

  • Benchmark against the best in the industry.

  • Gain Recognition and Visibility

  • Boost your credibility

  • Inspire Others

Nominate your School as Reading School
Our Speakers and Esteemed Guests
Ambassador Dr. Deepak Vohra
Special Advisor in Africa, Made in Bharat for the World,Keynote Speaker
Dr. Sanyam Bhardwaj, 
CBSE Exam Controller, Keynote Speaker
Motivational Speaker Dr. Vivek Bindra
CEO, Bada Business, Guest of Honour
Mark Dodsworth
International Director at Actitud Creativa, Cape Town, Event Designer and Facilitator

Dr. Murthy Devarabhotla

Global President, The Diplomatic Club, Esteemed Guest
Pooja Bedi
Wellness Entrepreneur, Speaker
Dr. Grace Pinto
Chairperson, Ryan Group, Esteemed Guest
Ms. Lina Ashar
Founder Dreamtime Learning, Speaker

Ms.Manjula Pooja Shroff

MD and CEO, Kalorex Group, Speaker

Mr. Aakash Khandelwal
Cofounder, DPS Amritsar, Esteemed Guest
Dr. Chandrashekhar D.P
CEO, Jain Heritage Group of Schools, Esteemed Guest
Dr. Manish Jangra
Sr. Director Cultural Affairs, Dean, Faculty of Performing Arts, Parul University Vadodara
Dr. Pawan Dwivedi
Deputy Registrar, Speaker

Bongiswa Kotta Ramushwana

African Storyteller
Dr. Amrita Burman
Asst. Director, Sunbeam Lehertara Varanasi,Speaker
Ms. Shefali Verma
Chairperson, Ardee School, Speaker
Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia
Principal, KIIT World School, Esteemed Guest
Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra
Principal,  Kunwar Global  School Lucknow, Esteemd Guest

Dr Jyoti Gupta

Director-Principal, KR Mangalam World School, Esteemed Guest

Dr. Manila Carvalho

Principal, DPS EAST Bangalore, Guest
Mr. Himmmat Singh Dhillon
Principal, Sanawar School,Speaker
Ms. Sumalini
Principal, Silicon  City Ms. SumaliniAcademy of Secondary School, Bangalore, Speaker

Manju Balasubramanyam

Principal, DPS NORTH Bangalore, Guest
Ms. Anitha Brijesh
Principal, DPS SOUTH Bangalore, Guest
The "Reading Ambassadors" Award Ceremony is a prestigious occasion that recognizes educators who have made significant contributions to promoting a culture of reading for pleasure in educational sector. 
Nominate a School

Do you know a school that's leading the charge in fostering a vibrant reading culture? Nominate them for recognition and inspire others to follow their innovative practices.

Become a Sponsor

Partner with us to amplify the impact of the Awards. Your support empowers schools, fuels creativity, and showcases your commitment to education and literacy.

Attend the Ceremony

Immerse yourself in an inspiring evening that celebrates the power of reading. Network with fellow champions of literacy, learn from award-winning schools, and be a part of something truly remarkable.

Spread the Word

Become an advocate for reading! Share the Awards with your network, friends, and family. Together, let's create a wave of enthusiasm for reading that reaches every corner of India.

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Event highlights
The "Reading Ambassadors" Award Ceremony is a prestigious occasion that recognizes educators who have made significant contributions to promoting a culture of reading for pleasure in educational sector. 
"Harmony from Chaos"
This session offers an interactive musical experience aimed at boosting leadership skills and team effectiveness.
Bussiness -School Collaborations -An Opportunity to Network with Key people
Get a chance to partner with local & global business houses  to support reading initiatives, campaigns and community literacy events. 
Waves of Tales with Bongiswa
Her motivational speeches and storytelling creates a trans formative atmosphere in whatever we do. 

"Reading Torch"  & "Reading School " Felicitation Ceremony

*Lifetime *Reading Torches of India *Emerging Reading Schools *Progressive Reading school *Proficient Reading School 

The "Reading Ambassadors" Award Ceremony is a prestigious occasion that recognizes educators who have made significant contributions to promoting a culture of reading for pleasure in educational sector.

What Planet are you on?

A Special Play 

Based on the work and findings of PIERRE PICHOT
Adapted for stage and directed by Akash Khurana
A  colloquy with Pooja Bedi
Get a Chance to hear to the top Educators in Conversation with Pooja Bedi (Gold Medalist, The Lawrence School, Sanawar)
Redefining Learning - A Performing Art Presentation by Parul University, Vadodara
Directoed by Dr. Manish Jangra, Sr. Director Cultral Affairs, Dean and Faculty of PErforming Arts.
Partners in Progress
We are thankful to all our sponsors and associates who have helped us to achieve this mission.
Aakash Khandelwal
Cofounder, DPS Amritsar

It is truly encouraging to learn about the upcoming School Education Conference organized by Primary Plus, which will focus on the vital promotion of 'Reading Habits' at both the school and family levels. Following the disruptions caused by Covid, this initiative is a much-needed catalyst to foster a 'Nation of Readers, Storytellers, and Performing Theatre,' aiming for the holistic development of every child in our country. 

Dr. Manila Carvalho
Principal, DPS EAST Bangalore
The impact you are making in the lives of children is immeasurable. I hope your efforts continue, and we look forward to seeing more innovations from your team.
Ms. Sumalini
Principal, Silicon Academy of Secondary Education, Bangalore

"I am a part of everything I have read." The habit of reading should be inculcated not through force but with pleasure. The initiative by Primary Plus is commendable.

Mark Dodsworth
CEO, Red Zebra, Cape Town

Roald Dahl once said, "The greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places." Indeed, one of the most unlikely places is within a book. I appreciate and congratulate Manbir for being a visionary and a true leader in bringing innovations to education.